Code That Made Me Cry, #CTMMC™

95% of all code makes me cry. The other 5% are white space.

IE. Why? (JavaScript, #17 / 50) = {
    // IE strips leading whitespace when .innerHTML is used
    leadingWhitespace: div.firstChild.nodeType === 3,

    // Make sure that tbody elements aren't automatically inserted
    // IE will insert them into empty tables
    tbody: !div.getElementsByTagName("tbody").length,

    // Make sure that link elements get serialized correctly by
    // innerHTML. This requires a wrapper element in IE
    htmlSerialize: !!div.getElementsByTagName("link").length,

    // Get the style information from getAttribute
    // (IE uses .cssText insted)
    style: /red/.test( a.getAttribute("style") ),

    // Make sure that URLs aren't manipulated
    // (IE normalizes it by default)
    hrefNormalized: a.getAttribute("href") === "/a",

    // Make sure that element opacity exists
    // (IE uses filter instead)
    // Use a regex to work around a WebKit issue. See #5145
    opacity: /^0.55$/.test( ),

    // Verify style float existence
    // (IE uses styleFloat instead of cssFloat)
    cssFloat: !!,

    // Make sure that if no value is specified for a checkbox
    // that it defaults to "on".
    // (WebKit defaults to "" instead)
    checkOn: div.getElementsByTagName("input")[0].value === "on",

    // Make sure that a selected-by-default option has a working
    // selected property. (WebKit defaults to false instead of true, 
    // IE too, if it's in an optgroup)
    optSelected: opt.selected,        

When I look at the above jQuery code and all the comments about IE this, IE that, I feel an incredible urge to donate a couple of bucks to those awesome guys!


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