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Report: Cardinals to acquire Arenado from Rockies

The St. Louis Cardinals have agreed to acquire All-Star third baseman Nolan Arenado from the Colorado Rockies in a trade needing approvals before it can be finalized, a person familiar

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What makes people want more self-control?

Self-control significantly affects well-being and objective success in life. Although many agree that a high degree of self-control is beneficial, helping people develop more self-control is a tricky challenge. Self-control

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Live farm animal exports to mainland EU at a standstill post-Brexit

Livestock and live shellfish exports from the UK to mainland Europe are at a standstill as producers struggle with post-Brexit transport conditions. In 2019, excluding lamb and cattle traded between

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Facebook reportedly plans newsletter tools after explosion in popularity

Facebook is planning to offer newsletter tools for independent journalists and writers, The New York Times reports. These are thought to include features for helping writers build a following using

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David Hogg launching pillow company to ‘put MyPillow out of business’

Parkland school shooting survivor and gun control advocate David Hogg plans to launch his own pillow company with the goal of competing against embattled bedding company MyPillow. The idea was

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